1. BeWitchy Palmares  Red Standard Poodles

Please feel free to contact me regarding my Poodles. I am passionate about the Poodle and especially the reds, no dyes no lies..My website is a labor of love constantly changing and there are lots of pictures.. So get a beverage and sit back and enjoy.. I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it ....
Palmares (Formerly SHEROC)  Poodles often imitated never able to be duplicated ...There is after all just me, and of course my red Poodles 

Home of Exceptional Red standard poodles Where every baby is raised with the love and care that you would expect from a knowledgable  at home hands on breeder ..

There is nothing like a red Palmares Poodle.

Welcome to my website !I am a small home based breeder of Red Standard Poodles . We are located in the NW corner of Arkansas at the base of the Ozrk mountains

I believe in breeding only the very best, for the betterment of the breed. I have searched the world over for the finest in Red standard poodles .Focusing on dogs that can have the temperament to become service dogs ..Having produced several emotional support animals and several medical Alert animals.

My babies  are born in my home and have my full attention until the day that they leave

The Red standard poodle is my passion..  Very rare , thus my focus is to preserve the bloodline , keeping diversity in mind as well , not easy , but definitely worthwhile ....
I believe that you should do one thing and do it right .
I have searched the world over and have what I feel is the best in Red standard Poodles today ..
I have a vision , I have a dream ...

I Do Not at this time sell full registration , Nor do I participate in crossbreeding of Mutts . Please do not contact me if you are a doodle breeder.
All of my dogs live in the house with me and are part of my daily life Please visit me on