Palmares Standard Poodles In Red and Apricot

Lets talk about Nutrition

A very important part of your dogs life .

 I call it garbage in garbage out .. If you feed a poorly balanced Diet , well dogs are just like people , you enjoy poor health

I searched the internet over to find a nutritional supplement for what is called fading puppy syndrome .. I landed upon the NuVet supplements and have used them for years..

i am very impressed by the overall health well being and color of my dogs I attribute that to the NuVet . Also the health of my females and the health of the new born pups . their site explains it all click here to order if asked code is 62696 and learn more about this superfood... This is something that I feed ALL of my dogs ..

Simply put "This dog can hunt "

I feed Evangers for the most part. I cook for my dogs and I feed Raw. I cook for my dogs as well It seems to work for me and My dogs enjoy good health Click here to visit Evangers site.. Evangers is a American company owned by American people that actually answer the phone when you call . I  am impressed with the passion of Holly Sher . She is passionate about her food as I am my dogs .. I appreciate that very much .. I feed the food with confidence ..

 Palmares  Liver Brownies recipe

1 cup Oat Flour

1 cup brown rice flour

( I use my Vita-mix and make my own flour)

2 lbs liver

18 eggs including shells

Water as needed

Preheat oven to 350

Butter your baking dishes

I use 13 X 9 pyrex dish  but you can use cookie sheets , depends on what final product you want.

I like the thick and chewy , thus the 13 x 9 dishes... If you use the cookie sheets they will be thin and crisp ...   I freeze them and feed them frozen .. (teeth cleaning )

You can add carrots and whatever else you want to add ...

Blend the liver with the eggs shells and all add to flour  and stir

Put in preheated oven and back 20 mins thereabouts till a knife comes out clean ..