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Thanks again for stopping by and visiting my website

We are located in the Nw Area of Arkansas at the base of the Ozark mountains .

We live on 3.5 acres and are nestled in the woods . We share our daily life with country air Eagles hawks cows deer and well just  space all around ..

I am Sheryl,

I am a preservationist breeder of red and apricot standard poodles

I have been involved with the purebred dogs for over 40 years.

I come from setters , being owned by them for over 30 years. I showed Irish setters for about 15 years and fisnished a few Cha Pictured below are  Two MBISS Group winning CH Charltons dust devil at 9 in the veterens ring , The Ch Bryfield Ruff and Ready .

I met my first poodle in 2000, her name was nikki , she changed my life ..There were reds in her

litter Well needless to say I was smitten

My next poodle was Sadie once again there were reds in the litter.. I never had seen a red Standard Poodle and was facinated , as I myself am a red head , and I had setters prior , and so began my love of the Red STandard Poodle

I truly believe in breeding the best to best and I am very picky about what gets bred, to whom and why .. I am not after being the biggest breeder , but I do want to be the best . i think that honesty and integrity are more important than show ribbons ., and being nasty . Just my opinion .. I dont do alot of breeding , and when I do it is for the preservation of the red.. I dont sell breeding dogs, I do not participate in the breeding of Mutts.. I dont doodle....

 I Do offer a lifetime of breeder support.. A wealth of knowledge about poodles dogs and anything that goes along with it .. I run a private group on facebook for family.. You become family .. Period ..

I think my website tells the rest of the story .. if you need to know more feel free to call, please remember that the questionnaire is mandatory if you are inquiring about a litter , prices or so on .. I want to know who I am talking to ..

Stay tuned to the website, as it is just now being redone ..Pages and information will be added as time permits..

There is no such thing as a darkening gene, nor is there any such thing as a red gene.. This has not been discovered yet and I am sure that I will be one of the first to know if it is ..

Palmares Red  and Apricot Standard Poodles red standard poodle

Breeding means you enter your breed's gene pool and leave footprints for
eternity!  Take care that the footprints you leave are worthy of being

It has come to my attention that another nasty icky person from Arkansas that now lives in Missouri , she has stolen the name of Palmares , is using it for a website name . Also is using the name of SHEROC in her search tags on the internet  .. It is laughable ...This is not something that should be done morally , ethically or otherwise .. She touts herself as being a premier show breeder unequaled anywhere , so why steal my stuff ? Cause I guess she cant .. Seriously I would be concerned what other unethical things are going on there.. BEWARE of imposters.. Why copy anothers hard work ? Do your own ..

Palmares Is a AKC registered Kennel name , there are three that are allowed to use it . Myself and the Blannin Brothers , anyone else is a fraud .Stealing .

Caveat Emptor "Let the buyer beware"

​this person spends and extraordinary amount of time explaining why it it so important to show and "prove " her program , then steals my name .. Really ?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Those that can, do. Those that can't, copy from someone else, I guess.....

Feel free to ask me who this is , I will be happy to share with you the screen shots

When you cant find what you are looking for , well make it , right ?.. I began breeding in 2004 , with Sadie and a Line bred Majestic Standard Poodle male named Rojo